What can I do between visits to help with the maintenance of my pool?

Daily brushing and netting is recommended.  We are only there 1 day per week and a lot can happen in between visits.  Your pool does require attention daily.

Is there a charge for additional weekly visits?

Yes.  If there is a request for us to come back to your pool, there will be an additional charge.  

What if it rains, will you still service my pool? 

Our technicians will make every attempt to service your pool on rainy days.  However, they will not work in severe weather conditions or in the presence of lightning.  We do not skip pools, they are completed in the same order every week.  Your service will only be delayed due to bad weather, this could be an hour or two up to a few days depending on weather conditions.  

Will you clean up after a hurricane? 

No and yes.  Hurricane clean up is not included with our standard service agreements, we would be happy to provide a quote for any hurricane cleanup that you may need help with.  Please make every attempt to remove screens, debris, tree limbs, leaves and any foreign objects from your pool immediately after a hurricane.  

How do I know if you were here to service my pool? 

Our trucks are GPS tracked and are accounted for on a daily basis.  Specific information may be provided upon request.

Will you visit my pool the same day every week? 

Not necessarily.  Due to certain circumstances, your service is scheduled based on a weekly route vs. a daily route.  This allows our technicians to account for bad weather, a holiday, a trouble pool, or various other reasons.  Please check your timer box for visited days.  Contact our office if there is a concern.

Do you clean the pool filter?

Pool filters will be cleaned as needed; or on a monthly basis.  Any filter replacements are an additional charge.  Any work outside of standard service agreements will require preapproval for charges.


How do I open a service request in the event there is an equipment issue or concern with my pool?

Please email prattandsonsinc@gmail.com to open a service ticket.  

What if my pool is green or there is algae? 

Please report your green pool as soon as possible.  Algae blooms are very common in the summer months when the weather is extremely hot and there is a lot of rain.  Algae will be treated for an additional charge and is not included with our standard service agreements as this an unforeseen circumstance and out of our control.  Even the most properly maintained pools will have algae from time to time.  Our algae treatments are good for 6 months.  Subsequent treatments within that 6 months will be no charge; a Pratt and Sons exclusive!

I hired someone to powerwash my pool deck, but received an additional clean up bill, why? 

Every effort should be made by you and anyone you hire to keep the condition of your pool clean.  Powerwashing into the pool is not only unprofessional, it is not recommended.  This could possibly put harsh chemicals into your pool, it will deteriorate the water quality and will cause additional clean up for our service technicians that is not included in any of our service agreements.  We have powerwashing services and would be happy to provide a quote to you!

Is vacuuming the pool included with the monthly service? 

Our standard agreements do not include vacuuming.  We recommend purchasing a vacuum.

How long is our technician at your pool each week?

Approximately 15 minutes / week

During a hurricane, should I put my patio furniture in my pool? 

No.  Secure your patio furniture on your pool deck or in a garage.  Nothing should be put into the pool.  This could cause damage to not only the furniture but also the pool itself.

What is included with my weekly service visit?

Service will depend on the level of your service agreement with Pratt and Sons. 

Our goal is to ensure proper chemical balance and clarity of water for safe swimming for your family. 

Our standard weekly visits include the following: Pool water chemical check, chemicals will be added as needed, the pool will be brushed and netted, the skimmer basket will be checked and emptied.